New Age Phenomena: The Dangers Of Feminism

By Sr. Christine Kabumbu, SCI


     We often hear about women standing up to fight for their God given rights. This is a very noble work. This is what the Church, following in the Master’s foot steps has been doing throughout the ages; to defend the oppressed. In History, Feminists groups have sprouted from different parts of the world. The Feminist Movement became more aggressive in the 1960’s. Feminists are women promoting Feminism ideas. Here we need to ask, "Just what is Feminism?" There are many answers to this question. One dictionary defines it as "Advocacy of the social equality of the sexes. Political, social, and cultural movement dedicated to promoting equal rights for women in all aspects of life. Some have said, Feminism is not a single ideology, but rather characterized by a diverse set of perspectives and movements dedicated to promoting the rights of women.


     Feminists are women from all walks of life and this does not exclude Religious Women. There are some men who are Feminists either through being sympathizers, or by seriously furthering the cause of what feminists stand for, like former Priest Matthew Fox..


     I would like to highlight some of the activities, beliefs and practices of some feminists and groups. The beginning of the feminist movement was very good and did perhaps what it should have done to promote women’s rights. Of course it is a known fact that women have in most cases been oppressed and it requires both men and women to fight this injustice. While some Feminists groups or individuals may have remained on cause, in defense of the rights of women, some might have gone astray along the way, to further a wrong cause. Randy England states that, Feminist spirituality has nothing to do with issues of fair pay for equal work. These are rights that Christians can support. Feminism at its root is anti-Catholic, anti- Church and anti-Christ.


     According to Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. in more recent years feminism has turned more to a fight for abortion rights, lesbian rights, environmentalism and witchcraft. Gone are concerns about equal pay, assertiveness, and expressing one's individuality. In their place some women are engrossed in bitterness, hatred, and resentment. No matter how people especially the Church has tried to affirm women, this has fallen on deaf ears and has made the situation worse because it is difficult to know what Feminists are up to. The Vatican published a document designed to address "distortions" generated by radical feminism, approved by Pope John Paul II, it says feminism has "inspired ideologies" that view men and women as enemies, and question family and marriage.


     This was an attempt by the Vatican to define the place of women in the Church and in the modern world. This uniqueness is what feminists abhor; they have declared war on the notion of sexual difference itself. For they know that should they agree that men and women differ they might have to agree that each sex has distinct responsibilities, and they cannot agree that anyone has the right to hold them to any responsibilities they do not freely assume. Talking about uniqueness to them is like ‘enslaving’ them to be mothers and wives. What I feel is that, if we all did what we should do according to our God- given gender, no one would envy or blame another gender. We just needed to fit in nicely, each sex playing its own role. Some men mistreat women and women are taking advantage of this injustice to further other weird interests. I wish I could just sit and cook nice food bought by men’s sweat, picking flowers to adorn Churches from gardens planted by men and to just sit down to pray in chapels build by men. What a hell looking for funds to build all kinds of structures on this earth. I wish, I wish, I wish in vain, the stone has been pushing far and has gone rolling never to stop. I wonder whether things are the way Jesus really intended! Women to toil like men? Yes this is liberty, to able to destroy the natural order of things.


     The reality is that Feminist elite have lost touch with the real concerns of Women. Yes there are some men who really look down on women, mishandling them and quite dominating. Women deserve to speak out in order to help stop the rot but what feminists are fighting is different, they have gone into extremes, even to the extent of hating the men folk and destroying society and life itself. Simple women cannot accept or even understand what their advocates are up to. Feminists want to instill in all women including nuns, the idea that ‘all women are victims’ of some kind and that men and the Christian Church (patriarchal, male- led) are to blame.


     The real goal of Feminism is matriarchy, not equality. This is a fight against human beings and life. One can examine the divorce statistics, and family life in many parts of the world, to help one decide whether feminism has been a good thing. Christina Hoff Sommers and Michelle Malkin also point out that, "When feminists talk about ‘women’s rights,’ they mean a radical restructuring of society, with government using its power to force feminist goals on all the rest of us," they went on to say that, Feminism is a sickness that has been around since the invention of rebellion. Indeed, it is a cancer and it will ruin this planet if it's not crushed.


     John Piper expresses himself, "But I am here concerned about the effect of feminism on the church, and more particularly, about its influence on the Catholic Church.. It’s not surprising that an aggressive, virulent secular feminism has rutted the foundations of the church. All in the name of peace and justice, equality and so forth feminism has been condoned". The feminist movement is a threat and a danger to the church due to various reasons including their lack of respect for scripture. Some feminists have gone to great lengths to publish scholarly works, to inform the world that the church has been wrong in its interpretation of the Scripture for two thousand years. It blames the ‘Patriarchal’ Church for having presented God as a male (Father). Feminists want to go against the revealed truth that God is Our Father and that Jesus is His Son. They would prefer that Jesus be referred to only as a child of God and they have given themselves a ‘goddess’ so called Gaia who is in nature and in themselves, who they prefer to worship in place of the triune God.


     There is in fact a problem here. Some, I suppose, moderate feminists want a neutral God, those who do not want to refer to God as He and prefer just to address Him as God, a word they find neutral. (This is expressed in the way they say even some prayers at Mass; "May the Lord accept the sacrifice at Your hands for the praise and glory of God’s name, for …. God’s Church" His is replaced by God), while radical ones want a female God. Feminists want even the Christian literature and Bible re-written to make words neutral (inclusive language) or simply feminine. The feminists have insisted upon the use of such language as a very important moral duty. ." In gender – inclusive language things like marriage is reduce d to permanent relationship, mankind to humankind. In Psalm 8:4, the phrase "son of man" becomes "human beings". We need to be aware of some Bibles we are using today. (See appendix of Gender – neutral Bibles.) which distort meaning of things.

     We have witnessed a mushrooming of made-up psalms in place of the ordinary Biblical ones. These psalms are either about fertility, the earth, womanhood, wellness, women empowerment, inner space, nature etc. these new ‘psalms’ or prayers are popular in women (feminist) gatherings and male supporters who are New Age oriented. Prayers of the Church or Blibical prayers are resented. Of course all in the name of ‘variety’ in prayer. It is good yes, to be creative. Zealous protectors of the environment, witches view the earth as the physical manifestation of the Goddess. Witchcraft can be seen as a religion of ecology. Its goal is harmony with nature, so that life may not just survive, but thrive. Too much focus on nature, Mother Earth can lead to serious problems of witchcraft.


Feminists beliefs and practices

     Rituals:. In many gatherings where Feminists preside, even if a gathering is Catholic in nature, there is a tendency towards symbolism. Members are usually requested to bring symbols of whatever theme under discussion. I am not against symbols, they are part of us and quite expressive, but what I am talking about is different, this is an obsession with symbols. This brings us to the idea of rituals which are not Christian; an element of neopaganism which is a revival of the religion of Wicca (wicked). According to Donna Steichen, This movement, popularly known as witchcraft, has a significant overlap with the feminist movement. There is indeed a close connection between neopaganism and feminism. Here, I am not saying all Feminists are witches and vice versa, but there is a meeting point somewhere.


     According to Steichen, in one of the conferences she witnessed, Feminist speakers including nuns, promoted goddess worship, and the exploration of "sacred" sexuality. A sense of victim mentality was fostered. The idea of sin was mocked. According to the speakers, the only sin is sexism. Most of the workshops included pagan and Wicca (witchcraft) rituals. She went on to say that most speakers ignored Jesus altogether, but one said that some people might want to retain Him as a "symbol".


     Steichen interviewed many of the attendees. None of the Catholic women saw any conflict between their Catholicism and their attendance at this conference. They even defended the worship of pagan gods and said that it does not conflict with Catholicism. Mrs. Steichen asked them if the early martyrs were wrong to face death because they refused to worship pagan gods. The women didn't get the point. They usually responded that things are different now.


     These women call themselves Catholics, but they are practicing Wicca (or other earth-based religions) in addition to (or instead of) Catholicism. Catholicism and feminism, even if we were to be optimistic about the movement, we are likely to pause. For we do know that even if we hope to reconcile the claims of Catholicism and feminism within our own beliefs and lives, most Catholics and most feminists would insist that such reconciliation is difficult if not impossible.


     Imagine those who attend some of these so called Woman-Church gatherings testify to things like spells being cast. Sommers asserts that, "one cannot but wonder whether an even greater spell has not been cast upon large segments of the Catholic clergy as they listen with sympathy to the mad, diabolical ravings of these feminist women." We can support groups but we need to see the distinctions not just being blown by any wind. .

     To know more about Feminism and what it stands for, just listen to what feminist say and judge for yourself:



     These are just few quotations showing the true nature of Feminism and its true colours. It is a bit easy to try to avoid Satanism especially if it clearly shows its ugly face of blood, fire etc but certain things like New Age in the guise of Catholic Feminism practiced, organized by prominent adherents to Catholicism, it is not easy to avoid the trap. To see this paganism arising now among religious persons within the Catholic Church reminds us that the basic issue still is the mystical battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil in which no one can feel secure apart from the grace of God. Women are equally in danger because they are in a trap and can naively support an evil cause to their own destruction. Unless this evil movement is identified for what it is and resisted, it may on a sociological level succeed in overwhelming the teaching and governing power of the Church.


Just read this!:

     " Sr.X (Name and congregation withheld), offers global education including presentations, workshops, retreats, study groups and video studies on the topics of earth-rooted spirituality, global consciousness, care of the earth, ecological security, ecofeminism, earth ethics, seasonal rituals and celebrations. Among their offerings is The Council of All Beings, a ritual created by John Seed and Joanna Macy of the Australian Rainforest Information Center. A portion of this ritual, the Cosmic Walk, was created by Sr. M .., founder of Genesis Farm. This ritual was used at the EarthSpirit Rising Conference held in June 2001 in Louisville, Kentucky, and sponsored by a number of Catholic sisters. It purports to hold a council where humans are not permitted to speak. Each participant contacts an "ally" in the animal/vegetable/mineral kingdom and then speaks for their ally at the council, while wearing a mask which they have made to depict the ally. John Seed indicates that the procedure for contacting an ally involves channeling of nature spirits."


     Who doesn’t like variety? We all get bored with the ordinary; we need new things in life! It is the same in the Church, all in the name of change, variety, integration, tolerance, you name it, we have ended up bringing witchcraft in the Church. We cannot see it now, but if you have attended some international or even local Catholic Conferences, retreats, workshops, seminars, you may have encountered some of these elements which you might if you are lucky, have abhorred but if not you might have fallen in love with. It starts bit by bit but we do not discern, we will end up drifting into Satanism. Nowadays, for our own information, it is not easy to a Sabbatical centre truly traditional and not offering ‘earth’ related courses. I love the environment, I love nature, I love geography, ecology, geology and related earth studies but this concern for nature that we are seeing now is something nauseating; Earth worshiping! We call upon the Triumphant and Risen Lord, King of Kings, Lord of the whole Universe, ‘uwaisokolola umupwilapo’- completely revealed, to guide us into His Light, lest we plunge into total darkness.


     As usual, I am not writing a scholarly work like my Feminist friends but I am just a small voice ringing a small warning bell and just writing haphazardly. I hope you get something.


(References omitted to some save space but those who would need them can make a request.)



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