The Greatest Gift I Possess; "The Poem of the Man-God" by Maria Valtorta

Article by Sister Christine Kabumbu

     I have read books, spiritual books inclusive, I have never found a book so captivating, so inspiring so valuable than the Poem of the Man God. I wonder what my life would have been had I not discovered this treasure which I found when I least expected it, in very strange circumstance. Blessed be the day I discovered the Poem of the Man- God. Blessed be the people who played a role in my discovering of the Poem of the Man -God. I find all I need for my salvation, in this book. I feel I have been given more than I deserve and I know, more will be demanded of me because I have no excuse. Whatever do I need really? My life saturated with the Word of God.

     I no longer have a strong desire to visit Holy Land where I thought I would have a marvelous experience by being in the land where the Lord walked the earth. Reading the Poem of the Man God has made me feel I have been to the Holy Land. I do not have a strong desire to have personal experience with the Lord speaking to me, I am a poor person but Jesus has spoken and appeared to me, in the Poem of the Man- God. What more do I need? My desire is just to one day see Him as He really is in Heaven.

     Jesus is my daily Spiritual Director through the writings of Maria Valtorta. Whoever has interest in knowing things and mysteries of God ought to search for and read the Poem and other Valtorta books, they have everything. I am not hesitant to say; of all the books written on the face of the earth, the Poem of the Man- God is the greatest book ever written. I often ask the Lord why He has made it possible for me to discover this treasure. I ask the Lord to help me to utilize the material I have found to the best my limited abilities until I die.


Astronomical details in Maria Valtorta's writings were proven accurate.  Theoretical Physicist Professor Lonnie Lee Van Zandt upon reading the Poem observed that in March of year 0033 Valtorta recorded in one of her visions seeing Jupiter, Mars, Venus and "stars of Orion: of Rigil and Betelgeuse, of Aldebaran, of Perseus, Andromeda and Cassiopeia and the Pleiades" along with a waning moon in the night sky.  Using a complex Astronomical computer program, he conducted a stellar excursion into the distant past and discovered that this was only possible for two days in March of 0033.  This astronomical scenario doesn't occur for many decades before and after those two days.  Moreover, he discovers several other similar astronomical conformations.  It would have been impossible for anyone in the 1940's to determine these astronomical alignments.  These impossibly exact details "tax the credulity of even the immovable atheist more than the alternative that Jesus showed it to her.  In the words of Sherlock Holmes, when you eliminated the impossible, that which remains, however merely improbable, must be true."


Researcher David Webster uncovered that Maria Valtorta named nine towns and villages not discovered until after her death